Do I Need a DUI Lawyer in Georgia?

It is essential that you hire an experienced DUI lawyer in Georgia immediately after being arrested for driving under influence (DUI). Learn why it is important and how it can help protect your driving privilege.

Do I Need a DUI Lawyer in Georgia?

It is essential that you hire a DUI lawyer in Georgia as soon as possible to file your license suspension appeal and protect your driving privilege. The Department of Driver Services only gives you thirty (30) days from the date of your arrest to request a hearing to stop the automatic suspension of your driver's license. If you're wondering, “Do I need a DUI lawyer in GA?” the answer is yes if you want to keep your license and reduce the amount of painful penalties for the rest of your life. If you are not an expert in law, a blood test or a breathalyzer, it is best to seek professional help.

Why You Need the Best Lawyers Near Me for DUI. Unlike most other offenses that can be given first offender treatment or some type of single detour or conditional discharge, driving while intoxicated or drugged is prohibited in Georgia. No person convicted of a first DWI offense can get such record cleaning benefits. Drunk driving laws in Georgia are among the most complex of all state criminal laws.

So, it's crazy to think that you can defend a DUI in court against a trained prosecutor without any legal assistance. If you are destitute, find a public defender. For those who KNOW they need to fight, get a FREE lawyer consultation near me through an office visit, cell phone video conference, or phone call. If convicted of DUI, CDL drivers can get a regular class C license to drive if they are qualified in some other way.

The most important factor in finding a DUI lawyer in Georgia is finding the right experience in DUI law. Some counties with state courts also have DUI court programs for offenders with multiple previous DUI convictions. In many DUI cases, the strongest evidence against you may be your performance on field sobriety tests. You may also be able to reinstate your license after 30 days if you show proof that you have completed the DUI School and pay a reinstatement fee.DUI cases have a specific sequence of events taking place, and a Georgia DUI lawyer can ensure that your case runs smoothly and that you understand what to expect throughout the process.

A not guilty plea is usually filed on your behalf at your first appearance, allowing your Georgia DUI lawyer the opportunity to access and review the evidence against you. Anyone whose driver's license has been revoked due to a DUI conviction following an accident in which a person lost their life will not be eligible for a trial license during the revocation period. You may have options if you are facing a plea as a habitual offender; contact a DUI lawyer in Georgia today.There is no bright line rule when it comes to refusing or taking a breath test if you have been arrested for DUI. Technically, an appeal is not necessary when a person withholds their license after arrest or receives a 180-day sticker at the bottom of their DUI citation.

For this reason, to ensure that your record is clear, you must be cleared of the DUI charge, the charge must be reduced to a minor violation, or you must complete a Pretrial Diversion Program. Whether you must disclose a DUI arrest to your employer will be determined based on existing employment contracts or current human resources requirements.If the officer removed your license because you refused to undergo a state-administered test or because of test results that indicate a blood alcohol concentration equal to or greater than the legal limit, the officer should have issued you a Form 1205 to use as a temporary driver's license for 30 days after the DUI arrest.

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