Can a DUI Be Dismissed in Colorado? A Comprehensive Guide for First-Time Offenders

Learn how first-time offenders without criminal records can reduce their charges with help from an experienced defense lawyer in Colorado. Find out what steps you need to take and what costs you can expect.

Can a DUI Be Dismissed in Colorado? A Comprehensive Guide for First-Time Offenders

Often, first-time offenders without a criminal record can reduce their charges with the help of a defense lawyer experienced in DUI in Colorado. If there is no probable cause to stop it, any evidence obtained from the illegal traffic stop should be deleted. As a result, evidence of your lack of sobriety and often of the whole case will be thrown out of court. At a minimum, the loss of evidence can be used to negotiate a plea agreement for a less serious charge (such as a traffic violation).It is important to note that speeding is not a symptom of DUI; due to faster judgment and reflexes, it may indicate sobriety.

In Colorado, there is no right to an attorney until you have undergone (or refused) blood, breath, or urine tests. In some states, there is a right to consult with an attorney when you are arrested or before deciding whether to undergo chemical testing. Of course, this doesn't mean you can't order one.When it comes to field sobriety tests (FSTs), you are not legally obliged to perform any of them. There is no penalty for refusing tests.

This field sobriety test has proven to be subject to a number of different problems, most notably the ability of the non-medically trained officer to recognize nystagmus and estimate the angle of onset.The consequences of refusing to undergo a blood or breath test in Colorado are serious: loss of your driver's license for at least one year with no exceptions. It is almost never advisable to refuse the blood or breath test. The agent is supposed to give a Fifth Amendment warning after arresting him. The only consequence is that the prosecution cannot use any of your answers to questions asked by the police after the arrest.You can represent yourself even if it's not a good idea.

There is a minefield of complicated procedural, evidentiary, constitutional, sentencing and administrative licensing issues. What can a lawyer do? Nothing (or worse) if you are not qualified in this highly specialized field, no more than a family doctor could help with brain surgery. However, a qualified lawyer can review the case for defects, suppress evidence, force the discovery of things such as calibration and maintenance records of the breathing machine, have blood samples analyzed independently, negotiate for a lesser charge or reduced sentence, obtain witnesses experts for the trial, challenging the suspension of administrative leave, etc.The most common reason a DUI case is dismissed is because of probable cause errors. If the agent did not have probable cause to stop your vehicle, then he had no probable cause to perform a breathalyzer or stop it, or even arrest you.

Therefore, the evidence collected will be dismissed, and probably so will the charges.With no obligation of any kind of use, skilled Colorado DUI lawyers in your area will review the details of your arrest and can be your best defense in exposing the strengths of your case and potential errors for you to use to your advantage. They will then discuss your possible options with you along with the costs you can expect for your case of DUI in CO. Taking this action can be helpful even if you already have an attorney in your drunk driving case as getting a second opinion or revision of your details of what happened because of something that might have been overlooked or finding a better course of action is always smart when exploring all possible options.The total costs will depend primarily on the outcome of the first offense DUI case and whether the person is convicted or if the case is possibly dismissed. Even details such as the officer not filling out a form correctly in some cases could lead to possible acquittal of your first offense DUI case in Colorado.Never plead guilty to DUI charges before consulting with a knowledgeable CO DUI lawyer who can examine the details of your arrest and what happened.

As with fighting against a first-time DUI charge in Colorado, there are very specific DUI defenses for people charged with a second DUI count where arresting officers took blood or urine samples and other tests.However, it's important to remember that your DUI arrest doesn't have to result in conviction especially if law enforcement officials made any mistakes in handling your arrest. Whether you are exploring ways to get out of a first-offense DUI refusal case in Colorado or for the first time for CO DUI after failing a breath, blood, urine or other sobriety test you can take action today by using best free online resource to learn details about your thoroughly examined arrest.Just as each DUI arrest case is unique due to events that took place leading up to charges and arrests so too are knowing costs associated with CO DUI when exploring ways to fight out first charge offense in Colorado. If your attorney cannot convince deputy...

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